The Building a National EV Charging Network project is jointly conducted by NASEO and the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO), supported by the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation.  The project provides convening, analytical, and implementation support to states as they develop their Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Deployment Plans.   

The Building a National EV Charging Network project supports multi-state collaboration on EV infrastructure planning and deployment through the following:  

  • Establishes and convenes six regional working groups with representatives of State Departments of Transportation, State Energy Offices, and other state agencies such as State Environmental Agencies or Public Utility Commissions to coordinate EV infrastructure planning; 
  • Enables State-Federal-Private sector coordination and collaboration on EV infrastructure buildout by engaging utilities and private industry to identify electric system and grid needs pertaining to EV charging;
  • Convenes in-person meetings with the State Departments of Transportation, State Energy Offices, and other key partners to facilitate peer exchange; and 
  • Hosts a national conference of states, federal agencies, utilities, and private-sector partners to enable states to learn about EV infrastructure planning and deployment; collect input and guidance on EV program design; explore public-private partnership models; and elevate the concerns and priorities of utilities and private industry with the states and federal government. 

NASEO and AASHTO have also partnered with Atlas Public Policy to develop the EV States Clearinghouse, which is a one-stop shop for state agencies to plan and implement EV infrastructure programs under the Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act. The site is a repository for EV program documents from the states such as model Request for Proposals (RFP), staffing and budgetary models, sample contracts, as well as current state-level EV roadmaps, EV infrastructure siting and assessment tools, and other resources. The EV States Clearinghouse is supported by a partnership with NASEO, AASHTO, NARUC, NACAA, NREL, Atlas Public Policy and ICF, membership is restricted to state agencies at this time. 

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