David Terry - Executive Director

David Terry leads NASEO's policy actions and programs in support of the 56 governor-designated state and territory energy directors and their offices, and communicates the states' views on national energy issues. Mr. Terry has participated in governor-led policy meetings, testified before U.S. Congressional Committees, presented at White House forums, and led state delegations on international energy policy and program exchange missions. Mr. Terry has 25 years of experience working on a range of energy issues. Prior, he was a research assistant at the National Academy of Sciences and a statistical analyst for a consumer products market research firm. Mr. Terry has a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Bowling Green State University and completed Master of Business coursework at Virginia Tech.

Jeffrey Genzer - General Counsel, Duncan, Weinberg, Genzer & Pembroke, P.C.

Jeff Genzer has been Counsel to NASEO since the organization began in 1986. He represents the organization before Congress and the Administration, working closely with David Terry and the NASEO staff. He has also practiced energy and environmental law since 1985 at the law firm of Duncan, Weinberg, Genzer and Pembroke, PC. Mr. Genzer serves as President of the law firm. Prior to going into private law practice, he served as counsel and energy lobbyist for the Energy and Environment Committee of the National Governors Association. Mr. Genzer also worked on low income energy issues for the National Consumer Law Center. He began his energy career as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Micronesia 41 years ago.

Donna Brown - Director, Accounting and Administration

Donna Brown is responsible for the oversight of the Financial Accounting and Human Resources functions of NASEO, leads budget planning and execution, oversees compliance with federal cost allocation and related regulations, and works closely with NASEO’s Executive Director. She reports to NASEO’s Board of Directors and supports the work of the Board Treasurer.

Sandy Fazeli - Managing Director, Policy

Sandy Fazeli leads NASEO policy and program priorities coordination; workforce development; equity, access, and inclusion; and state and local cooperation and coordination on energy, climate, and resilience planning. She oversees NASEO’s private sector Affiliates program, which connects state energy policy makers, companies, and non-profits, and helps lead the content development of NASEO’s major conferences and events. Prior to NASEO, Ms. Fazeli worked on energy efficiency and state policy issues at the Rocky Mountain Institute, the Colorado Energy Office, and the Alliance to Save Energy. She received a Bachelor of Science in foreign service from Georgetown University and a Master of Development Practice from the University of Denver.

Cassie Powers - Managing Director, Programs

Cassie Powers leads program staff covering regional coordination, state energy planning, transportation policy, and other initiatives. Ms. Powers also provides research, analysis, and facilitation support for State Energy Offices on transportation and clean energy issues, and acts as a resource on state, local and federal transportation policies. Prior to NASEO, Ms. Powers was an Electric Vehicle Program Coordinator with Georgetown Climate Center and worked with state governments to support the development of electric vehicle policies and programs. She has a Bachelor of Arts in environmental policy and government from the College of William and Mary and a Master of Urban and Environmental Planning from University of Virginia.

Rodney Sobin - Senior Program Director

Rodney Sobin leads NASEO’s building-grid integration initiative; supports a range of building energy efficiency and energy-environmental integration activities; conducts research on such issues as evaluation, measurement and verification; technological innovation; industrial energy; rural energy; and energy productivity. Prior to NASEO, he served as Director of Research and Regulatory Affairs at the Alliance to Save Energy; worked at the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality; and did environmental technology work at Concurrent Technologies Corporation, the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, and the World Resources Institute. He has a Bachelor of Science in biology and society from Cornell University and two master’s degrees – Master of Arts in technology and human affairs and Master of Science in biological sciences from Washington University in St. Louis.

Jeff Pillon - Director, Energy Assurance Programs

Jeffrey Pillon provides states with technical support, training, and exercises for energy emergency planning and helps enhance security and resiliency of critical energy infrastructures, including cybersecurity. Prior to NASEO, Mr. Pillon worked for the State of Michigan for 36 years in the state energy office and Michigan Public Service Commission. He served as an Energy Management Coordinator, ESF-12 lead in the State Emergency Operation Center, and Chaired the state’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee. Mr. Pillon has a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Michigan State University.


Shemika Spencer - Director, Contracts and Grants Administration

Shemika Spencer oversees administrative compliance of grants and contracts, supports NASEO’s energy security and energy emergency initiatives, and fossil program. She also leads major conference logistics activities. Prior to NASEO, Ms. Spencer worked on the U.S. Department of Energy’s Yucca Mountain Project and at the Florida Executive Office of the Governor’s Office of Drug Policy. Ms. Spencer received both her Bachelor of Arts in international affairs and a Master of Public Administration from Florida State University.

Ed Carley - Senior Program Manager

Ed Carley works with State Energy Offices to support policy and program development in building energy efficiency, including ENERGY STAR for buildings, building energy codes, home energy labeling, and other areas. Prior to NASEO, he consulted with a California municipal utility on energy efficiency program design, and interned with the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy supporting a research paper investigating Measurement and Vertification 2.0 topics. Mr. Carley received his Bachelor of Science in political science from Appalachian State University and a Master of Sustainability Management from American University.

Sam Cramer - Senior Program Manager

Sam Cramer supports NASEO’s financing program and electricity planning initiative, leads NASEO’s state energy planning assistance, and conducts research on a range of issues such as energy-water nexus and Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy. Prior to NASEO, Mr. Cramer worked for the National Governors Association, where he assisted governors’ offices with understanding energy topics including new utility business models and electricity market structures, shale oil and gas protective practices, and greenhouse gas emissions rules. Mr. Cramer received his Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and his Master of Public Policy from American University.

Dylan Tucker - Program Manager

Dylan Tucker supports NASEO’s transportation program, the Volkswagen Settlement Working Group, Rural Energy Task Force, and NASEO’s state energy planning assistance for states. Prior to NASEO, Mr. Tucker worked at the World Bank Group, analyzing effective investment strategies for energy efficiency and sustainability projects. He was also the lead on environmental policy at Boston Pacific Company, Inc., advising state regulators and electric utilities on competitive solicitations and compliance with environmental regulations. He has a Bachelor of Science in political science from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University.

Campbell Delahoyde - Program Manager

Campbell Delahoyde supports NASEO’s energy security program and assists in project planning and research for state-level energy emergency exercises. He conducts research pertaining to federal disaster policy, cybersecurity in the energy sector, and energy systems resilience. Prior to NASEO, Mr. Delahoyde supported the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Sector Exercise Program and Response Directorate within the Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response. Mr. Delahoyde has a Bachelor of Arts in international relations from Rhodes College.

Maddie Koewler - Program Manager

Maddie Koewler supports NASEO’s buildings program, where she provides assistance to state energy offices and works on the development of building energy codes, residential energy labels, and equity in the proliferation of clean energy and energy efficiency. Prior to NASEO, Ms. Koewler worked at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office within the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy implementing residential energy efficiency programs. Ms. Koewler has a Bachelor of Arts in political science and economics from Kent State University.

Garth Otto - Manager, Accounting and Operations

Garth Otto is responsible for administrative and office management duties, assists with membership outreach activities and meeting planning, provides support to NASEO’s Director of Accounting and Administration, and works closely with NASEO’s Executive Director and senior staff on a variety of projects. Mr. Otto also worked as a Research Analyst for NASEO, supporting data collection and multiple energy efficiency initiatives. Prior to NASEO, he worked as an assistant manager for Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, where he provided mid-level management support to an executive team and oversaw a sales team of 15 employees through four different departments. Mr. Otto has a Bachelor of Art from Pratt Art Institute.

Chuck Clinton - Senior Advisor

Chuck Clinton assists states in planning and coordination in areas such as electricity markets. Prior to NASEO, he was the director of the Washington, D.C. Energy Office for 29 years. His experience as an energy director aids NASEO’s regional outreach, policy analysis, member surveys, and other related challenges. Mr. Clinton has a Bachelor in Art in philosophy from the Catholic University of America and a certificate from Harvard University.

John Davies - Senior Advisor

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Ruth Horton - Senior Advisor

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Emma Tobin - Communications Fellow

Emma Tobin works on communication strategy for the organization including social media outreach, website design, graphic design and visual work, and running NASEO’s Newsroom. Prior to NASEO, Ms. Tobin interned at CNN, in sustainability communications at Domtar, and has held a variety of positions focused on communications and media at news agencies, nonprofits, and companies. Ms. Tobin has a Bachelor of Arts in environmental studies and is pursuing a Master of Mass Communication, both at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.