NASEO facilitates state collaboration and sharing of best practices on all matters pertaining to the electricity sector. NASEO members collaborate to identify pressing electricity issues and explore innovative program and policy design for transmission and distribution planning, the use and integration of clean generation resources on the distribution and bulk power-level,  interdependencies with other sectors (oil and natural gas, water, transportation, buildings etc.), as well as building a resilient electricity system. NASEO’s electricity program aims to support states and their partners in addressing the changing electricity landscape, support the key strategic role that state energy offices play in the electricity sector, and improve states’ understanding of the electricity sector.​​

State Energy Offices play a myriad of roles in the electricity sector. In most states, State Energy Offices have been designated the state lead-agency for Grid Resilience Grant State and Tribal Formula Grants). As required by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, State Energy Offices engage in transmission and distribution planning. State Energy Offices also conduct studies, convene stakeholder processes, and implement programs that inform and contribute to the electricity sector. Many State Energy Offices also engage formally or informally in proceedings before their respective public utility commissions.