Rhode Island

SEP Supported the Replacement of 154 Highway Street Lights with High Efficiency LEDs

Number of light fixture replacements along a main highway

71,000 KWh
Energy usage reductions annually
Annual savings

Light replacements in second phase of project


In Rhode Island, the State Energy Office partnered with the Rhode Island Department of Transportation and National Grid and leveraged SEP funding to support several projects to reduce energy use and costs. The state agencies worked together to implement a pilot project that replaced 154 existing light fixtures along a main highway with energy-efficient LED bulbs. By swapping out the 154 lights near major highway interchanges, the state is expected to cut its energy usage by more than 71,000 kilowatt hours annually, an estimated savings of $16,000. A second phase of the project will replace an additional 1,559 lights statewide through two separate projects.  While the state controls 7,394 lights, cities and towns are responsible for more than 98,000.

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