Senator Murkowski’s Remarks and the Administration’s Statements of Policy on the Pending Bipartisan Energy Bill Note Importance of SEP and WAP

On February 2, U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, advanced debate on her broad, bipartisan energy bill by providing a synopsis of how it will benefit her home state of Alaska and the nation. She focused on how the bill will help the state produce more energy and help consumers use less energy, creating new opportunities and lowering costs, especially in rural areas.??“The broad, bipartisan energy bill we are considering will help Alaskans produce more energy and more minerals . . . As Alaskans face some of the highest energy prices in the country, the Energy Policy Modernization Act would promote efforts to spur innovation so Alaskans will be able to do more by using less energy.”??Senator Murkowski went on to highlight the importance of “including the reauthorization of the weatherization assistance and state energy program” in the bipartisan bill.  The SEP provisions can be found under Section 1013, and the WAP provisions can be found under Section 1012.  The bill would also extend certain loan guarantee eligibility to states and is included under Section 4002.  Senator Murkowski, chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

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In addition, the Statement of Administration Policy on the Senate version of the energy bill specifically mentions priority programs, including SEP and WAP.

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