Highlights and Presentations from NASEO's 2015 Annual Meeting Available

NASEO held its 2015 Annual Meeting on September 13-16, in San Diego, California.  More than 220 attendees heard from a slate of dynamic experts who focused states' efforts to open new economic opportunities for businesses through smart state energy policies and programs that help to integrate intelligent energy efficiency, distributed generation, and the benefits of cloud computing.

Of particular interest, were presentations from:

  • EPA's Acting Administrator, Janet McCabe, who provided remarks on the Clean Power Plan and the process EPA went through in preparing the final rule;
  • C3 Energy's Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Siebel, who examined the evolution of the energy market, explained the impact of next-generation technology on the industry, and urged attendees to support policies that will enable utilities and consumers to benefit fully from the technological revolution now underway;
  • Tesla’s Director of Powertrain Business Development, Mateo Jaramillo, who gave a keynote address on how the maverick company will accomplish its mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy;
  • Nest Lab's General Manager of Energy and Enterprise Products, Ben Bixby, who unveiled never-before-seen data from a joint project between Nest and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, a NASEO Member.

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Photos from NASEO's Annual Meeting