NASEO-ACEEE Webinar on the Clean Power Plan: Tools for States

NASEO and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) held a joint webinar on June 29, 2015 focusing on Clean Power Plan tools for the states.  While NASEO does not take a position on the proposed EPA rule, should the rule move forward NASEO supports wide flexibility for states to develop compliance strategies that best address their situations and that support least-cost options, such as those often provided by energy efficiency. The tools and analyses discussed in the webinar and other resources found on NASEO State 111(d) Resource Hub can help states to develop their Clean Power Plan strategies.

The webinar featured:

  • Karen Palmer, Resources for the Future, A Primer on Comprehensive Policy Options for States to Comply with the Clean Power Plan
  • Ken Colburn, Regulatory Assistance Project, Implementing  EPA’s Clean Power Plan(prepared for the National Association of Clean Air Agencies)
  • Rachel Wilson, Synapse Energy Economics, Best Practices in Planning for Clean Power Plan Compliance: A Guide for Consumer Advocates (prepared for National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates)
  • Sara Hayes, ACEEE, State and Utility Pollution Reduction (SUPR) calculator and energy efficiency compliance template series
  • Rodney Sobin, NASEO, NASEO update: case studies, plan language, engagement, and web resource

Links to the webinar’s presentation and recording are available at the NASEO State 111(d) Resource Hub.  Questions about NASEO Clean Power Plan-related activities can be directed to Rodney Sobin