NASEO Joins DOE Launch of Residential Energy Efficiency Accelerator

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently launched two new residential Better Buildings Accelerators: the Home Upgrade Program Accelerator and the Home Energy Information Accelerator.  In addition, NASEO has become a national partner in the new Home Energy Information Accelerator. As a partner, NASEO will focus on raising awareness and supporting State Energy Office efforts to foster energy efficiency.

The DOE Home Energy Information Accelerator brings together representatives of the real estate industry, states, and energy efficiency organizations to help expand availability and use of reliable home energy information at relevant points in residential real estate transactions. Accelerator partners will assist in developing and sharing replicable approaches that make energy-related information—such as a home’s efficiency certification or its estimated energy usage – easily available through multiple listing services and other reports.

NASEO will continue to elevate and share buildings policy and program best practices among states.  For example, elevating the great work led by a number of states in “greening” the MLS, improving building training, and providing recognition and incentives for Zero Net Energy ready residential, institutional and commercial buildings. 

Better Buildings Accelerators convene leaders across sectors and building types to address persistent barriers that stand in the way of greater efficiency. As Better Buildings Home Energy Information Accelerator partners share their successes with the market, resources will be posted in the Better Buildings Residential Program Solution Center.

For more information about NASEO’s Buildings Committee and efforts, please contact Todd Sims at