Alaska Energy Security Task Force Releases Comprehensive Statewide Energy Plan

Source: NASEO

On December 1, 2023, the Alaska Energy Security Task Force presented a new comprehensive state energy plan to the Governor for his approval. The Task Force, led in part by the Alaska Energy Authority, the State Energy Office, was tasked to evaluate Alaska’s generation, transmission, and distribution assets and offer recommendations to make them more affordable, reliable, and resilient. The planning process was funded by U.S. State Energy Program dollars.

The Alaska Energy Security Task Force, consisting of 15 voting members representing Alaska agencies, utilities, industry, the business community, and the general public, convened every three weeks throughout most of 2023 to develop the comprehensive energy plan. The task force established six subcommittees focused on recommendations for specific geographic area needs as well as data collection, incentives and subsidies, and statutes and regulations. Each subcommittee provided recommendations to the task force for short (<2 years), medium (2-20 years), and long-term (2040 and beyond) timeframes. The plan also provided high-priority actions that the Governor and legislature can immediately implement to make progress towards achieving the state’s energy goals.

The new comprehensive energy plan aims to ensure that Alaska’s energy system becomes more affordable, reliable, and resilient to better serve the needs of all Alaskans. For more information, please contact the Alaska Energy Authority at