Georgia Environmental Finance Authority Hosts Energy Assurance Tabletop Exercise

Source: NASEO

On June 15-16, 2023, the Division of Energy, Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA) hosted an energy assurance tabletop exercise in Atlanta, GA. The two-day event brought together local, state, national, and industry partners including the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency, Red Cross, Georgia Power, Colonial Pipeline, Georgia Department of Transportation, and the Department of Energy, to discuss statewide response and coordination efforts to energy security incidents. State Energy Official colleagues from Florida and Tennessee were present to provide an external perspective and connect with regional partners. The scenario initially centered around substation attacks during a period of high temperatures that had cascading impacts on Georgia’s power supply, incoming and outgoing air traffic, and resource scarcity. This was followed by a cyberattack on natural gas infrastructure business and operating systems affecting natural gas supply and power generation. The engagement and feedback from the energy assurance exercise has informed GEFA in their State Energy Security Plan update and further strengthened public-private partnerships in the region.