Wyoming Energy Authority Releases Nuclear Energy Strategic Framework and Roadmap

Source: NASEO

In August 2023, the Wyoming Energy Authority released a final version of their Nuclear Energy – Industrial Development Strategic Framework and Roadmap which is a component of Wyoming’s broader energy strategy. The strategic framework, preliminary roadmap, and initial actions were developed with input from state-wide listening sessions, meetings, and industry events. The Wyoming Energy Authority worked closely with several state agencies, industry leaders, Idaho National Laboratory, and other key stakeholders in developing the workstream and final framework. It was broken into three sections: value chain (industrial applications of heat and power), supply chain (from raw materials to finished products), and generation.

Some of the strategic priorities outlined in the framework include (1) supporting the development of end-user cases and facilitating advanced reactor demonstrations (2) identifying opportunities and developing markets for Wyoming’s natural resources such as uranium (3) creating the basic structure for a thriving nuclear energy industrial ecosystem (4) working with stakeholders to identify barriers and develop specific solutions to address these barriers (5) investing in developing infrastructure that serves the needs of nuclear energy, and (6) developing policy and regulatory recommendations, financing mechanisms, revenue structures, workforce training, and other solutions to support the nuclear energy industry.

The complete framework and roadmap can be found here.