New Supply Chain Analysis Assesses U.S. Clean Technology Manufacturing Capacity and Risks

Source: BlueGreen Alliance

The BlueGreen Alliance (BGA) has released two tools that can support State Energy Offices and their partners in understanding domestic supply chains for clean energy technologies. First, a map of the U.S. manufacturing base for clean energy displays all known facilities that currently manufacture components for the solar, wind, energy storage/battery, electric grid, and building materials sectors. Second, a downloadable spreadsheet of supply chain gaps for clean energy highlights and assesses domestic manufacturing capacity in key components of each sector. BGA’s spreadsheet assesses whether U.S. production is nonexistent, limited, moderate, or significant in meeting domestic demand.

BGA expects future updates to these tools may include analyses of additional supply chains, including electrolyzers, geothermal, electric vehicles, and emissions intensive materials like steel, aluminum, and cement that go into solar panels and wind turbines.

BGA is an alliance of labor unions and environmental organizations working together to address environmental challenges, support quality jobs, and build a clean energy economy. To view these tools, visit