Tennessee Establishes Nuclear Energy Advisory Council

Source: NASEO

On May 16, 2023, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee issued an executive order establishing the Tennessee Nuclear Energy Advisory Council. The council will be made up of fifteen members including the Commissioner of Environment and Conservation (or a designee), and representatives from the state emergency management agency, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Tennessee Valley Authority. The Council will be responsible for developing two reports due December 31, 2023, and October 31, 2024. The first report will provide an analysis of (1) whether regulatory, workforce, or education barriers exist to the creation and expansion of nuclear energy facilities in the state, (2) funding opportunities for state government, local governments, and the private sector; and (3) opportunities for the state to harness existing and emerging technologies. The second report will include recommendations on legislative, policy, and budgetary changes to address regulatory, workforce, or education barriers; economic opportunities; siting considerations; storage and waste practices; and federal actions that the state should pursue. The full text of the executive order is available here.