Connecticut Hydrogen Task Force Study Released

Source: Connecticut Green Bank

In January 2023, the Connecticut Hydrogen Task Force Study was submitted to the Connecticut State Legislature as required by Special Act 22-8. The Hydrogen Task Force was made up of industry, utility, university, environmental and workforce development organizations, and state government representatives including Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Commissioner Katie Dykes. From July 2022 to January 2023, the task force held seven general public meetings and twenty public working group sessions on five specific topics (Policy & Workforce Development, Funding, Hydrogen Sources, Hydrogen Uses, and Infrastructure). The findings and recommendations were compiled into the study which was authored by Strategen and the Connecticut Green Bank. Many of the recommendations were specific to Connecticut DEEP including (1) establish a definition of clean hydrogen that is most appropriate for the state; (2) work with other agencies to accelerate permitting for clean hydrogen infrastructure; (3) develop a clean hydrogen policy framework that incorporates environmental justice and equity considerations; (4) develop a hydrogen roadmap and strategy; and (5) explore a market-based approach to incentivize lower-carbon fuels. The study is available here and resources from the task force and public meetings are available here.