Indiana Office of Energy Development Releases New Tool To Help Empower Local Officials to Determine the Value of Proposed Renewable Energy Projects

Source: NASEO

The Indiana Office of Energy Development (OED) together with the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Richard G. Lugar Center for Renewable Energy released a new guidebook for local government officials on renewable energy projects. To enable local officials to better understand how energy development in rural Indiana can positively impact their local economies, the guidebook includes a Mapping Tool to illustrate county-by-county opportunities for new energy projects, the economics, the impact on the environment, and considerations of social justice, equality, and diversity; and a Guidance Tool for siting of energy technologies, with white papers to help guide discussions germane to the intersection of technology and land-use. The guidebook also includes 34 questions in a frequently asked questions (FAQ) format for local elected officials with limited prior exposure to energy issues. The FAQ has three sections, starting with questions of economic nature and then focusing on solar and wind projects.