Oregon Department of Energy Releases Renewable Hydrogen Study

Source: Oregon Department of Energy

On November 15, 2022, the Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) released a new report on Renewable Hydrogen in Oregon: Opportunities and Challenges. Required by Senate Bill 333, the report outlines the benefits of renewable hydrogen, including greenhouse gas emissions reductions, supporting the decarbonizing of heavy industry, and enhancing grid reliability and resiliency. Barriers include the high cost and low efficiency of renewable hydrogen, the need to develop production and end-use solutions concurrently, the lack of infrastructure, safety concerns, water consumption, greenhouse gas leakages, and the need for a trained and educated workforce.

To address some of these barriers and take advantage of the opportunities in Oregon, ODOE recommends a variety of next steps including (1) developing a state roadmap for renewable hydrogen; (2) codifying a definition for renewable hydrogen in the state; (3) collecting additional data about hydrogen; (4) establishing a multi-agency workgroup of state and local government representatives; (5) create or adopt a certification and tracking system for emissions; (6) establishing new codes and standards for safe handling and use of renewable hydrogen;  and (7) addressing equity and workforce considerations. The full study can be accessed here