Tennessee Office of Energy Programs Releases Second Annual State Utility Data Analysis Report

Source: TDEC

On October 31, 2022, the Tennessee Office of Energy Programs (OEP), the State Energy Office, released its second annual State Utility Data Analysis Report. The report, developed with State Energy Program funds, analyzes energy and water use reported by the state’s 8,800 public facilities to remotely track, benchmark, and report energy use while automating the collection of monthly utility invoices for their facilities. Altogether, the system centralizes and quantifies information gathered from more than 10,000 meters and 109 million square feet of building space.

The State Utility Data Analysis Report leverages the data collected by the state’s Utility Data Management platform, which captures data from each facility’s utility bill, including energy usage, cost, customer charges, and miscellaneous fees, and allows facility managers to evaluate various energy efficiency measures and track their emissions. The platform also enables its users to group, compare, and benchmark similar buildings across the platform’s portfolio of facilities. The report documents several case studies where facility managers were able to use the platform’s data about their facility to detect energy spikes and water leaks, enabling them to respond quickly to problems and save significant amounts of energy and water costs. Finally, the platform also provides a way for facility managers to measure and verify their savings over the course of improvement lifecycles. OEP also uses the data to provide high-level analyses of the state building portfolio, including utility cost and usage trends and utility usage for various facilities.

OEP is currently exploring the integration of its platform alongside other operating systems, including ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and ArcGIS, to provide increased visibility into energy and water use and further their ability to benchmark and compare buildings across sectors. For more information on the report or for any questions, please contact OEP staff at tdec.sfum@tn.gov.