Kentucky Office of Energy Policy Hydrogen Work Group Demonstrates Key Opportunities for the State

Source: Kentucky Energy & Environment Cabinet

Earlier this year, the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet’s (EEC) Office of Energy Policy (OEP) announced the formation of a Regional Hydrogen Work Group to explore options under the Infrastructure, Investment, and Job Act’s (IIJA) $8 billion hydrogen hub program led by the U.S. Department of Energy. The work group is examining opportunities for hydrogen production in the region and is made up of state agencies, academic institutions, businesses, utilities, and other key stakeholders. Significant progress has been made since the group began meeting in January 2022.

Hydrogen is going to play a key role in Kentucky’s decarbonization plans. Toyota’s Kentucky plant will begin producing hydrogen fuel cell modules in 2023 for the commercial trucking industry, and the state, with support from the federal government, has declared several interstates hydrogen corridors with plans to install hydrogen fueling stations along the routes. Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities are also exploring opportunities with hydrogen for electricity production and producing hydrogen with natural gas with carbon capture. OEP is also supporting exploration of hydrogen production with nuclear energy.

“Hydrogen is the future of economic development,” said Office of Energy Policy executive director Kenya Stump. “It’s a future fuel that’s important to transportation and to our manufacturing community. So we are working to make our state as prepared as possible for an economy based in hydrogen.”

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