Wyoming Energy Authority Releases State Hydrogen Roadmap

Source: Wyoming Energy Authority

On July 5, 2022, the Wyoming Energy Authority (WEA), together with Cheyenne LEADS, the Cheyenne-Laramie County Corporation for Economic Development, released the Wyoming Roadmap to Build a Hydrogen Economy. The roadmap outlines plans and key courses of action for the state and its stakeholders to build out their hydrogen economy from 2022-2026, including investing in infrastructure including transportation, storage, and carbon management; identifying and developing end use options and evolving markets for hydrogen in and outside of Wyoming; developing supportive policy and regulatory frameworks; and developing workforce and community infrastructure. The roadmap also highlights Wyoming’s strategic priorities around hydrogen and the key stakeholders from the public and private sectors needed to develop resources for a decarbonized production ecosystem. Major challenges are acknowledged, including the evolving regulatory environment, insufficient infrastructure, lagging investment in storage and transportation infrastructure, supply chain constraints, and the critical role of water for hydrogen production.

According to Dr. Glen Murrell, Executive Director of WEA, “This roadmap is a critical initiative for Wyoming because of hydrogen’s inclusive qualities that can benefit multiple segments of the energy economy. Hydrogen’s role as a decarbonized energy carrier with unprecedented transportation and consumption utility makes this a truly transformational opportunity for the entire state.”

For more information, check out Wyoming’s Hydrogen Roadmap here