Utah Office of Energy Development Releases New State Energy and Innovation Plan

Source: RL Martin

On May 10, 2022, Governor Spencer Cox and the Utah Office of Energy Development (the State Energy Office) released Utah’s new State Energy and Innovation Plan. The Plan builds on the One Utah Roadmap released by the Governor at the beginning of his administration.

The plan outlines a pathway to ensure that Utah’s energy economy is affordable, reliable, and sustainable. To develop the plan, the Office of Energy Development (OED) staff traveled across the state to talk about energy with utilities, association groups, and local leaders, and also obtain feedback on the plan from the general public. OED formed two committees: a policy committee composed of members of the Governors’ cabinet, in order to coordinate the energy plan process across departments; and a technical committee, consisting of 13 state employee subject matter experts who reviewed and gave feedback on draft documents produced by OED. Finally, they hired a consulting firm to provide additional support for project management, strategic planning, and web development. The result of this process is a plan that provides Utahns with a clear vision for how the state envisions its energy future, and a roadmap for how to get there.

The Energy and Innovation plan is now operational, and OED intends to further develop potential initiatives in the One Utah Roadmap using this plan as a foundation.  For further information, please contact OED at https://energy.utah.gov/about/.