Minnesota Department of Commerce Publishes Quadrennial Energy Policy Report

On June 10th, the Minnesota Department of Commerce released its latest Energy Policy and Conservation Quadrennial Report for 2020, as well as an accompanying energy data dashboard, to assess the state’s progress towards the clean energy goals established by the Minnesota Legislature. The data dashboard summarizes key trends from the progress report in a series of Fact Sheets to make the information easily digestible by potential stakeholders.

The Report, funded in part by State Energy Program dollars, provides a snapshot of Minnesota’s progress towards reaching its energy goals every four years. It contains information from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, other state agencies, and other organizations. It summarizes emerging energy trends in the state as well as potential issues around energy production, consumption, and cost. Key findings from the report include that renewables are becoming the state’s primary electricity source, utilities plan to meet or exceed the state’s solar goal, and that the utilities are planning to transition to a 70% carbon-free energy mix by 2034.

Minnesota continues to make strides towards meeting its energy goals, and the latest Report shows off the progress the state is making while ensuring there is accountability towards improving on challenging policy areas. To contact the Department of Commerce with questions about the report, please reach out to Mo Schriner, Director of Communications, at mo.schriner@state.mn.us.