The Promise of Green Hydrogen in a Decarbonized Economy: An Interview with Laura Nelson, Special Advisor, Green Hydrogen Coalition

Hydrogen is a globally traded commodity, used for delivering and storing energy at large scales. While most hydrogen power is produced from fossil fuels, the emergence of “green hydrogen,” produced from non-fossil resources, offers an opportunity for zero-carbon energy production and decarbonization in end-uses across multiple sectors: industry, transportation, agriculture, and beyond.

In this interview with Laura Nelson, Special Advisor for Strategen’s Green Hydrogen Coalition, NASEO’s Electricity Program Director Kirsten Verclas discusses the ins-and-outs of hydrogen, the State Energy Offices’ roles in advancing hydrogen as part of their clean energy and climate strategies, and the Western Green Hydrogen Initiative developed jointly by the Green Hydrogen Coalition, the Western Interstate Energy Board, Mitsubishi Power, and NASEO. 

Video Interview