Missouri Division of Energy Releases Summary and Action Report for Next Steps in State Energy Planning Process

Source: RL Martin

On May 21, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Energy (DE), the State Energy Office, released a Summary and Action Report detailing the process by which DE will approach the Missouri State Energy Planning (MoSEP) process. The document summarizes and builds upon stakeholder feedback collected at a virtual kickoff meeting held in October 2020.

The updated energy planning process will incorporate a value statement representing the core concepts integral to the state’s energy future, including assuring energy security, reliability, and resilience, increasing economic competitiveness through affordable rates and renewable energy options, developing diverse in-state resources, creating opportunities for energy-related technological innovation and workforce development, ensuring energy affordability and equity, and promoting efficient and environmentally-sound energy usage. The process, which is funded by the U.S. State Energy Program, will develop regional initiatives based on the needs and opportunities of the six state regions used by the Missouri Department of Economic Development. DE will leverage the expertise of the Department of Economic Development’s regional experts to help inform those discussions. DE will work with regional stakeholders to establish metrics to track progress towards reaching the goals identified in the plan.

DE anticipates hosting follow-up regional meetings in summer and fall 2021, with the final workshop of this phase of the process to be held in early 2022. For additional information, please contact the Division of Energy at energy@dnr.mo.gov or mostateenergyplan@dnr.mo.gov.