AHRI Releases Report on "Smart" Systems

The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) has recently completed a white paper which examines demand response, system controls, climate controls, and smart grid communication standards.  In addition, it reviews other related industry standards and programs--and discusses the AHRI Ad Hoc Committee's interaction with related industry laboratories.

The purpose of this white paper on “smart” systems is to communicate the Ad Hoc Committee’s findings and position to all affected AHRI product sections for review and comment. The Ad Hoc Committee has taken all necessary steps to ensure that the draft AHRI white paper remains neutral with respect to the technology utilized by particular sections or members. The final white paper will be:

  • Shared with regulatory agencies in order to communicate the industry’s position on “smart” systems.
  • Communicated to other industry trade associations that have similar objectives as AHRI.
  • Used to facilitate joint research work with national laboratories and other research institutes.
  • Used as background for developing AHRI standards, where appropriate, for demand response performance characteristics, etc.