NASEO-NEMA Petroleum Shortage Response Planning Workshop Summary Report Now Available

The summary report of key outcomes from last month's Petroleum Shortage Planning Workshop co-hosted by NASEO and the National Emergency Management Association has been released. During the workshop, participants from states in the Southeast and South-Central regions and the petroleum industry explored how states might develop more comprehensive plans to respond to fuel shortages. A few key outcomes from the workshop include:

• Public information is a top priority for all states as the power of media and public perception can create and/or worsen a shortage;
• Public-private sector coordination between states and industry should be a part of both preparedness and after-action processes;
• Data monitoring and analysis is critical for states to be able to accurately prepare and respond to fuel shortages;
• Regional and/or multi-state coordination and communication is key as fuel shortages often affect neighboring states; and
• Prioritization and allocation of supply during a severe shortage will require close coordination between states and industry.

To download the summary report, click here.