The Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition Joins as a NASEO Affiliate Member

NASEO welcomed the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC) as an Affiliate member in early July.  The SMLC is a non-profit organization committed to overcome barriers to the development and deployment of Smart Manufacturing (SM) Systems through an implementation agenda for building a scaled, shared infrastructure called the Smart Manufacturing Platform (SM Platform). SMLC activities are built around industry-driven development, application, and scaling of a shared infrastructure that will achieve transformational economic-wide impact, manufacturing innovation and global competitiveness. SMLC enables stakeholders in the smart manufacturing industry to form collaborative R & D, implementation, and advocacy teams for development of the approaches, standards, platforms, and shared infrastructure that facilitate the broad adoption of manufacturing intelligence. 

Smart manufacturing enables greater energy efficiency and resiliency within the manufacturing sector.  Through NASEO’s Industrial and Advanced Manufacturing Committee, State Energy Offices and the SMLC can work to achieve these mutual objectives.  For more information on the SMLC, visit