ACCA and ENERGY STAR®, Promoting Quality Installation

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America and ENERGY STAR® are promoting quality installation through the nationally-recognized ACCA 5 QI Standard, which is based on minimum code requirements, manufacturer's instructions, and superior industry practices.

ENERGY STAR is a brand that 90% of customers know, and one that influences their purchasing decisions.  The ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation (ESVI) Certificate stands on that brand recognition and adds credibility to your proposals.

Contractors who want to set themselves apart need to offer what their competition cannot. The new ESVI program is one way for professional businesses to offer customers something unique. The ESVI certificate gives your customer the peace of mind that the work you performed meets ENERGY STAR installation requirements. 

When your clients want high efficiency equipment, you know that in order for it to perform as expected – you must devote time and talent to install it correctly. The design, installation, and commissioning of the equipment, as well as its connected distribution system, is not easy. It requires technical education, special tools, expert trade craft, and proper documentation (no job is finished until the paperwork is done, right?).

What sets the verified installation apart from the herd is compliance to the minimum standard for an HVAC quality installation, as specified in the nationally-recognized ACCA 5 QI Standard (free PDF download at  The nationally recognized QI Standard is based on minimum code requirements, manufacturer’s instructions, and good industry practices – all the necessary elements to any quality HVAC system installation.  But, these details are what is often lacking in our trade.  The ESVI Certificate confirms that the measurements you record and submit for review, meet the QI Standard’s tolerances, and your hard work is recognized with an ESVI certificate.