SparkFund Scraps Paperwork in Project Financing

SparkFund has eliminated all the pain in equipment and project financing. Gone are the days of selecting a bank, filling out pages and pages of paperwork, getting statements audited, and finally - waiting for approval. We’ve always been known for our easy process and 48-hour offer turn-around time, but when our partners requested an even simpler, more user-friendly way for their customers to send us financial info, we hit the drawing board.

Now, customers upload only the most relevant information to a simple web portal, no auditing needed! To ensure we only ask the relevant information to each project, we created three custom industry-specific forms: Commercial/Industrial, Non-Profit, Faith/Community, and Government Entities. Customers simply choose their sector and are directed to the appropriate form. The information entered and the forms uploaded provide SparkFund with the information we need to complete our in-house underwriting process. 48-hours later, we’ll have a final offer for project financing out to the customer. SparkFund provides the tools to keep contractors, ESCOs, and manufacturers engaged in their sale, close the project more quickly, and reduce customer losses - so energy efficiency projects can get done.

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