NAIMA Highlights Insulation’s Role in Energy Efficiency

With changing building codes and increased homeowner focus on energy efficiency, insulation is moving from a behind-the-walls afterthought to a top-of-mind consideration for homebuilders and other residential building industry professionals.  To ensure that builders, code officials, insulation contractors, architects and others have current and reliable resources for information about fiberglass and mineral wool insulation, the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) developed the Insulation Institute, a website that serves as the central hub for building products professionals. 

Visitors to the website will find a plethora of material on the industry’s preferred insulation choices – fiber glass and mineral wool.  Focused on four primary message themes of performance, productivity, value versatility and responsibility, the website features videos and literature on optimal installation of and will regularly include commentary from experts at some of the nation’s largest insulation manufacturers.

“Insulation Institute aims to keep professionals current on the information they need to build high-performance insulation systems,” said Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd, director of communications, NAIMA.  “With extensive outreach to key audiences through the website and social media channels, we hope provide building industry professionals with the information they need to make informed choices.”