Commissioner Andrew McAllister, California, Featured on Nightly Business Report’s “Infrastructure Week”

On May 14th, Commissioner Andrew McAllister of the California Energy Commission and Chair of the NASEO Board of Directors, was featured on Nightly Business Report’s “Infrastructure Week” spotlight on net-zero homes. The special report focused on a 44-unit multifamily building complex in Irvine, California, and discussed steps the building’s developer has taken to reduce the complex’s energy footprint by incorporating efficiency and renewables. The building complex will alleviate stress on the state’s electric grid, and residents’ utility savings are expected to pay for the higher upfront costs of the condominiums in approximately seven years. “It’s not just about distributed solar, [but] it’s also about our buildings being able to be grid-responsive. Utilizing renewable energy when it’s available in our buildings, and not utilizing grid energy when it’s not very low-carbon,” said McAllister, highlighting the benefits net-zero buildings provide to California as it transitions towards a low-carbon economy. For video of the TV spot, click here.