NASEO Releases Energy-Water Nexus Report

NASEO recently released Beneath the Surface: Opportunities and Strategies for States to Improve the Energy Performance of Water Conveyance, Treatment, and Irrigation Systems to provide information and best practices to State Energy Directors as they work to address the interactions between energy and water use around state water infrastructure.

The interactions between energy and water authorities have historically been limited. However, increasing interest from Governors, legislatures, and other decisionmaking bodies in promoting energy and water efficiency have led several State Energy Directors to explore the relationship between energy use and water use in their states' water conveyance, treatment, and irrigation systems. NASEO prepared this brief to highlight promising practices for improving energy and water efficiency in water infrastructure. The report provides examples of State Energy Offices that are leading in this area to showcase the breadth of options State Energy Officials can use to examine these interactions in more depth and pursue energy efficiency through water system upgrades. Through innovative funding and financing tools made possible through the U.S. State Energy Program, partnerships with water utilities and boards, and state appropriations and investments, State Energy Offices can help key stakeholders navigate the complex arena of energy and water infrastructure performance.

This report is one of a series of three reports authored by NASEO and the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) examining various facets of the energy-water nexus in power generation, water infrastructure, and oil and gas development.