NASEO Hosts National Energy Policy and Program Institute for State Energy Officials

On July 24-28, NASEO hosted its second National Energy Policy and Program Institute, an intensive course which provided newer State Energy Directors/Advisors with a professional learning experience, along with the opportunity to network with fellow energy officials, federal agency staff, and industry experts. Attendees were guided through a structured program of information, meetings, and discussions with public and private sector partners. Goals of the course included:

1) Understanding how to engage with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), other federal
agencies, Congress, and NASEO in ways that can benefit the State Energy Office;

2) Understanding the role of, and interplay with, various energy trade associations and advocacy
groups and their impact on national and state energy policy and funding;

3) Gaining an in-depth understanding of various DOE program offices and the importance of
building working relationships with them to benefit both state and national energy goals; and

4) Educating federal agencies and national organizations based in Washington, D.C. about the
role of the State Energy Offices and their needs from the perspective of new directors and
senior staff.