CTC Global's Conductor First to Receive Third Party Certification for Energy Efficiency and Emission Reductions

CTC Global recently announced that its ACCC® conductor became the first electric transmission conductor in history to earn a third party certification for CO2 emission reductions resulting from improved energy efficiency. SCS Global Services (SCS) verified that ACCC conductor reduces CO2 emissions associated with transmission line losses by 27 to 31 percent under certain design conditions compared to conventional steel reinforced ACSR conductors, the 100-year old technology currently used in most electric transmission and distribution power lines.

Tobias Schultz, Manager of Corporate Sustainability Services at SCS, explained: “SCS’s Certification of ACCC conductor highlights the opportunity for corporations and governments to reduce CO2 emissions by using the improved efficiency ACCC transmission line technology. Our certification provides confidence that using ACCC in place of less efficient ACSR conductors will reduce CO2 emissions. This means that the use of ACCC can potentially support achieving CO2 emission reduction goals, whether they be needed to meet regulatory obligations or achieve goals in corporate climate action plans.”

CTC Global’s Vice President Commercial Operations Anne McDowell, added: “SCS Global’s certification makes it easier for electric utilities and transmission developers to choose energy efficient technologies like the ACCC conductor, which benefits their bottom line, consumers and the environment. We urge federal and state regulators and transmission planners to consider the enormous untapped potential for high performance transmission conductors like ACCC to contribute to broadly shared and important energy and environmental goals.”

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