NASEO Transportation Committe Webinar – Intra-State Collaboration for Energy-Efficient Transportation Planning

March 31, 2020, 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET

States are looking to the transportation sector more than ever as a means of achieving energy, financial, environmental, reliability, and climate goals. Furthermore, with new technologies and fuels powering the transportation sector, State Energy Offices are more involved with transportation planning than ever. This webinar looked at how state agencies can coordinate between themselves and their agencies’ priorities to collaborate and effectively plan for an energy-efficient transportation sector.

This webinar featured teams from Colorado and Idaho, who work across agencies to collaborate on transportation infrastructure deployment and other goals.

Alexa Voytek - Energy Programs Director, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

Christian Willis - Director, Transportation Fuels and Technology, Colorado Energy Office
Sophie Shulman - Chief of Innovative Mobility, Colorado Department of Transportation

Katie Pegan - Energy Program Manager, Office of Energy and Mineral Resources
Michael Brown - Environmental Resources Discipline Lead, Department of Environmental Quality
Matt Moore - Research Program Manager, Idaho’s Transportation Department

Webinar Recording: