NASEO’s Rural Energy Task Force – 2020 Webinar Series (please click on link for additional details about each webinar)

August 17-September 17, 2020

Dates are subject to change, based on speaker availability

August 17, 2020: Webinar – Success Stories for Rural Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency programs often struggle to reach rural low-income markets, with difficulties arising from access to these communities, scaling projects to make them cost-effective, and providing appropriate financing mechanisms. This webinar will cover key strategies which have been effectively employed by state and local governments to reach these communities, and provide two case studies on advances in building efficiency in the rural market. Click here for more details.

September 17, 2020: Webinar – Efficiency in the Water-Energy Nexus
The energy sector is the number one source of water demand in the United States, with irrigation a close second. Both of these demand sources are deeply intertwined with rural and agricultural communities. Furthermore, water infrastructure is often a major source of energy demand in these communities. This webinar will explore the interconnections of water and energy systems, and provide insights on how to achieve efficiency and savings for both resources.