A variety of state and local government agencies are involved in planning for and responding to natural disasters.  State and Territory Energy Offices, which typically lead state energy policy and program efforts, are often asked to play a role in the recovery and rebuilding phases.  State Energy Offices accelerate energy-related economic development and enhance resilience and environmental quality through energy solutions by:

  • Advising governors and legislators on energy issues;
  • Setting and helping achieve energy-related goals;
  • Aiding residents—through education and incentives—in adopting energy efficiency and renewable energy practices and technologies;
  • Partnering with businesses to advance technologies and transform markets;
  • Coordinating with federal agencies, national organizations, and the private sector; and
  • Outlining strategies on how to meet future energy needs in an environmental and economic way. 

NASEO’s “Disaster Mitigation and Response Database” chronicles and describes key resources, websites, and federal and state agencies that may help guide State Energy Offices in their efforts to use energy efficiency as a tool in disaster mitigation planning and emergency preparedness and response. 

Click here to download NASEO’s Disaster Mitigation and Response Resource Matrix in Excel format. To suggest changes or additions to the Resource Matrix, please contact Rodney Sobin, Senior Program Director (rsobin@naseo.org).